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Mining cloud cost-awareness from open-source repositories

We are offering a series of projects under the umbrella of mining cloud cost awareness, that is, of software developers being aware of the costs of deploying and operating cloud-based software, and taking actions to address them. The projects are based on the Mining Software Repositories approach, and use publicly available repositories on GitHub. The projects under this topic build on the results of the collaborative thesis project by Berardi, Penca, and Boza.

More specifically, one or more of the following open research issues can be pursued individually or in groups:

  • Provide a finer-grain analysis of the already collected evidence looking at e.g. the commit contributors and type of projects involved.
  • Collect and correlate cost awareness evidence from the issues and pull requests of the identified repositories.
  • Extend the evidence search to other cloud orchestrator solutions, both provider-agnostic (e.g. Cloudify) and -specific (e.g. AWS CloudFomration) ones, and compare the findings.
  • Look for similar evidence in other types of artifacts, for example other configuration files.
  • Look also in the source code of repositories, starting with the ones already containing cost-aware orchestration artifacts as easier to reach targets.