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Embedding Diagram Editors into Salix

Salix is a framework in Rascal for defining immediate mode, web-based UIs. It follows the Elm model where an application is defined using a view function and an model update function.

Salix is an extensible framework, and currently features “embeddings” of “foreign” Javascript components, like CodeMirror, xterm.js, dagre-d3 and Google Charts. The goal of this project is to investigate how to embed Web-based diagram editor frameworks into the Salix model for defining UIs.


  • A survey of existing diagram editor components (for instance, MxGraph) and an assessment of their suitability for embedding in Salix.
  • The implementation of an embedding of the chosen framework into Salix (i.e. using Rascal); the goal is to allow the definition of custom diagram editors using the framework, not just embed pre-existing editors (like UML editors).
  • Evaluation using a case study (showing that and how it works).


SEARCH Group • University of Groningen • 2023
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