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About the project

LabeBook is an online handbook that provides researchers with comprehensive, highly structured, and validated information on experimental methods in Life Science. The prototype of the platform is under development.Currently, life science researchers face serious difficulties in finding information on experimental methods. A large amount of information has been accumulated, but it is difficult to extract what is needed because there are no mechanisms to personalize queries. There is also no rigorous validation process for published material. The problem has therefore evolved from one of time-consuming information retrieval to a global reproducibility crisis. Existing online solutions continue to accumulate information, but do not provide algorithms to solve the problems described. LabeBook provides the scientific community with a rational approach that significantly reduces the time for information retrieval and ensures the validation process.

This project is to be executed as an exploratory case study in collaboration with LabeBook BV. A monetary compensation will be handled directly to the student.

Required qualities and characteristics

Kotlin programming language (good knowledge of Java is acceptable without experience with Kotlin); Knowledge of Spring is mandatory; Relational databases (ideally PostgreSQL); Experience with Elasticsearch is desirable; Gradle;react, redux, redux-toolkit, material-ui, axios, jest, enzyme, yarn


SEARCH Group • University of Groningen • 2023
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