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Secure deployment of software updates in a hospital environment

About the project

Hospitals and other health care providers take their security very seriously, which is why their software is typically run on protected servers. But due to the amount of manual labour involved, this poses numerous challenges when it comes to deploying timely updates. Firstly, the new software package is sent to a hospital employee, who then applies the package to the protected server. It is only then that we are able to properly issue the update. This process could be improved through automatisation. As such, you will research and design a new plan on how to install the latest software updates without introducing any potential vulnerabilities.

This project is to be executed as an exploratory case study in collaboration with Enshore Development.

Required qualities and characteristics:

  • Knowledge of Java.
  • Knowledge of Docker.
  • Passionate about infrastructure.
  • You are proactive and enjoy sharing your ideas.

Enshore Development offers the possibility of an internship allowance to students working on this topic.

About Enshore

Enshore Development is part of the Enshore Group. From Enshore Development, we support customers in the ongoing development of their web applications. We assist in both the development of new functionalities and operational management. In addition, we build our own applications to improve our own processes, as well as that of our clients.

At Enshore, we believe that everyone should be given room to develop. That is why we provide you with a lot of freedom and responsibility. We work in small teams which all get to determine their own trajectories. Through shared passion and motivations, we bring people with different backgrounds together. This is reflected by our open culture and informal working atmosphere.

What Enshore will provide in return for this project:

  • An internship allowance;
  • An easily accessible workplace;
  • The possibility of working from home;
  • Room for personal input and creativity;
  • Lots of fun! (trips, sports events and drinks)
  • A growing, collegial, ambitious work environment with fun colleagues.

If you are interested in learning more about the company, please contact us at


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